A Lens Perspective
Sam. 18 years old. I'm just a girl with a spinning imagination who is madly in love with her camera. Photography has quickly become my passion, having sparked from what was once a creative hobby. I'm pursuing this wonderful art in college and hope to only go far with it.

Dmitry Kostyukov “The Russia Left Behind”

Out of the four different photography projects that we had been given, Dimitry Kostyukov’s “The Russia Left Behind” was my favorite. I think his landscape shots are incredible—they’re very atmospheric and the richness of the color makes them seem almost fantasy-like. I think that the beauty of the landscapes and scenery in Russia contrast well with the message that Dimitry Kostyukov tries to portray with the lifestyles of people and the outdated problems they face. I really like the emotions that he captured in the Russian people and the candid shots of people in their everyday lives. There isn’t much that I don’t like about this series of photos. I think the compositions are great and they definitely are photos that I think are easy to respond to. I really enjoyed this artist’s work. 

The photographer whose style I tried to replicate was Jill Greenberg. Looking through her work, I was really interested in the double exposure/overlay portraits she was doing and wanted to replicate a few of my own using the really bright unnatural colors that she used in many of hers. Also, I noticed that a lot of her portraiture was very specific in color so I took two posed portraits trying to replicate the way she used many instances of one color in her portraits. Obviously her work is most likely taken in a studio with proper lighting, so trying to achieve that look without studio equipment was not as easy. But overall, I found her work really interesting and it was fun to try and create similar photos of my own. 

The Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio

This past friday I was given the opportunity to take some pictures for a new tattoo shop that had opened up on West Liberty Avenue in Dormont called The Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio. When I had originally agreed to come in and take pictures I was pretty excited, but also slightly nervous because I have never photographed for anyone else but myself and I was afraid that I might not be able to give them what they were looking for. I own a DSLR, but it’s not the best model out there, so I had to work with my lack of equipment to the best of my ability. Looking back, I am proud of most of the pictures I took there, though there were some shots I felt could have been better executed had I put the time into it. I had a really good time there overall, and Amy, the tattoo artist and owner, was so nice and so talented in her work. I was very interested in her artistic living which made it all the more fun to photograph. I can’t wait to edit the last few photos so that I can share my work with the studio.